Deeper Conversations


The SunServe Deeper Conversations Group! 



All fabulous LGBTQ and Straight Allies ages 14-22 are welcome.



Attendees must be enrolled in therapy services with SunServe Youth.

Every Monday Evening from 6pm to 8pm.

SunServe South: 1480 SW 9th Avenue – Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315

Topics of discussion:

  • Gender and how it affects us?
  • Understanding the Spectrum of Gender Identities. Where do I fit? Do I have to fit?
  • What do all the terms mean?  (Bigender, Polygender, Queer, Gender Queer, Transgender, Midgender, Omnigender, Gender Fluid, Androgynous)
  • Gender Expression, feeling comfortable.
  • and more…

This is safe space to talk about gender, gender expression, gender identity, overcoming internal fears, external barriers all the while meeting wonderful new friends and supportive adult role models!

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