Trans Teens Online Talk Group

1429649396.pngThe GLBT National Help Center is a 20 year-old non-profit organization, which operates, among other programs, the GLBT National Youth Talkline.

We are excited to announce that we have launched a new transgender youth program called the Trans Teens Online Talk Group.

On our national hotline, we receive calls from trans youth from all across the country who don’t have access to any local resources and are feeling severely isolated and alone.  To meet this need, we have expanded our services for trans youth through a new moderated online talk group, helping to end isolation and loneliness for trans youth.  We’re hoping you might be able to help us spread the world about the Trans Teens Online Talk Group.
The Trans Teens Online Talk Group is a live, moderated group chat for trans youth ages 12 thru 19, operating each Wednesday from 4-6 pm, pacific time.  It is available at

This new program is designed to be a safe place that allows trans youth to talk freely about concerns and issues, with others their own age, providing support for one another, and helping each other know they are not alone


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