NEW SunServe Young Adult Group- Y.A.S: Young Adults of SunServe!

Our new YOUNG ADULTS GROUP takes place every Wednesday night from 7:00-8:30.

Want to give back to the commUNITY? Want to mentor younger kids? Get connected to other young adult ACTivists in the community! Talk about ways to make things better?!?

A portion of this group will be talking and connecting with another part being educational. We will be teaching valuable skills so that members can be paired with and mentor younger LGBTQ youth. You will learn skills such as motivational interviewing, peer counseling, active listening and strengths based conversation.

Generally, the youth groups are relaxed and open spaces where we talk about different topics and where everyone’s opinion is heard and accepted. SunServe Youth Groups are a great way to talk to other youth, make friends, and get involved in your community. If anything, you will learn you are not alone!

With our new Young Adult Group, all of these things will be covered- as well as learning leadership skills and mentor abilities. This group is for YOU!


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