Coral Springs Holiday Party- Youth Group BLOG!


          As a long time youth member of SunServe, even when I did have to pull away, I can say that the Youth Groups are truly a blessing to any who step in with an open mind and an open Heart.  Even more so, for those that walk in with both closed.  For often, not all the time, but often these groups hold the key to opening both, as well as offering a plethora of perspectives, diversities and, most of all, similarities.  Finding someone who is like you is, in itself, comforting.

It has come time to once again step back into SunServe, and become more involved- starting with attendance at group.  I recently attended the Coral Springs satellite group this past Thursday for the Holiday party.  The group started at 7pm, allowed for mingling, and such until around 7:25, then we began group.  We opened up with the Question of the Week, and introductions.  The question this past week was, “What are you doing, when you feel your happiest?”  We went in turn, gave our name, age, and preferred gender pronoun (P.G.P.).

An answer to the question is uneeded, however we do ask that one at least introduces themselves.  Again, that is not mandated either, and this aspect of SunServe Youth groups, I feel is quite unique.  It allows one’s self, to truly integrate themselves on their own terms.  Which can be a lot of work for quite a few people.  These groups target L.G.B.T.Q. youth, however all are welcome here.  The groups are truly a safe haven, for any person that enters the door.  Whether they participate, or just observe.

So, after introductions we proceeded to chit chat on a topic brought forth by the Youth Facilitator.  However, not so much as a group.  Instead, we continued on as individual smaller sects, of a whole.  This hurt my heart quite a bit.  This went on until Miss Andii came back with the Pizza for us.  As we all know, or most of us anyways, food will almost always bring people together.

So after we ate, the group started to become whole again with a few games.  One game played, “The Big Wind Blows,” is a game to get to know one another.  There is one person in the middle of a circle of chairs.  The center person, will call out an experience they have had.  Whether it be light hearted, or deep to the soul.  If you are sitting, and have shared that same experience, you are to get up from your seat, and rush to find a different one so you are not the middle person.  Last person standing, is the next to call out an experience.

By the time the games were finished the group were all in laughter, and the sub-groups had disappeared.  This past group was good, but totally could have been better.  However, it continues to exude the, “Home away from home,” feeling.  It’s great :).


This blog was written by Austin, a member of our Coral Springs Youth Group.

This group meets every Thursday from 7:00 PM until 9:00 PM.

St. Mary Magdalene Episcopal Church
1400 Riverside Drive, Coral Springs, Florida

We meet in the meeting room, the first door to the left of the Church entrance.


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