Learn about The Humanity Project!


We wanted to let you all know about this AWESOME organization based right here in Broward County, called The Humanity Project! They offer a great anti-bullying program called “Anti-Bullying Through The Arts” that has been given to more than 15,000 South Florida elementary school students to date.

For the past three years, The Humanity Project has worked with Gay-Straight Alliance club students, and have now created a new website for teenagers, especially for socially isolated teens with an emphasis on the LGBT community.

The Humanity Project 4 Kids- Thp4kids.com offers all-original student-created videos, music, animations, blogs, poetry, photos, games – and also partners with a respected national crisis hotline called 121help.me. Every part of thp4kids is different, for each different age bracket. It is both fun and useful. You can see the site at this link: www.thp4kids.com

The Humanity Project was also so kind enough to sponsor 10 of our Youth to attend This Friday’s Black & White Ball: Halloween Extravaganza! If you cannot afford a ticket, just go here!

Their website is there for if you ever feel lonely, or just want to browse some GREAT information made by youth JUST LIKE YOU- visit Thpkids.com!


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