“How do we balance School and other Activities?”- Fort Lauderdale Youth Group BLOG!

This week at SunServe Fort Lauderdale Group, we started group at 7:30 pm. We started with having someone reading the rules that we have to follow, after she said that it was declared a safe space. Then after that, we moved on to introductions with your name, age, PGP (Preferred Gender Pronoun) and the question of the week- which was “If you were any element what would you be and why?”

When everyone introduced themselves, we moved on to the Ice break tonight. The Ice breaker is Taboo- it’s a fun game to play if you never played it. But since we had a big group we changed the rules a lot. What we did was we only use the cards and we had someone put 30 seconds on the clock. And then we made two groups- one on one side and the other on the other side. Then, we had an adult stand in the middle of us and for one team she said things that’s related to the card without saying what’s on it and she had to do all she can in 30 seconds every time the group name it the point went to them. When the 30 seconds was up, she stopped and did the same process to the other group. Then we kept playing for 30 minutes then we stop with that wonderful Ice breaker and moved on to group.


When we moved on to talk about group, the question of the week was “How do we balance school and other activities like (job, after school activities, and etc.)” All the answers were great- we balanced our time by keeping track of the time we spend doing things. Write down the things we do each day and put the times we do them at the end of the night you can see were all your time goes to. All the answers was good that the people said but we had to end because time was up. And so before we left I said the event that is coming up next week on Friday that it is the Black and White Ballroom Halloween Extravaganza it’s on Friday October 24,2014 from 7:00pm to 11:00pm it’s were we have are group at but just down stairs. Tickets are now on sale for $10.00 but if you wait until the day of the event when you get to the door they will be $20.00. And you can also buy online if you would like to at www.youtheventtickets.com.

Next week is the last week to pay at group, just a heads up! If you having problems with money right now, don’t worry go in talk to Miss. Andii or apply for a scholarship at sunserveyouth.com and she can help you out. Then after I said that I had an adult tell us that if your need was not meet tonight come up to talk to us if not then you can call us. And if you like what someone said tonight, go up to them and say hello. And lastly I hope to see everyone next week until then be safe.

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