Pajama Party!- SunServe Fort Lauderdale Youth Group Blog!


This week at SunServe Fort Lauderdale Youth Group was awesome. On Tuesday night, we had a Pajama Party at 6:00pm and in addition to the Party, we celebrated all of our August birthdays! We had pizza, goodies and cake. While we were all eating, we watched the movie G.B.F (Gay Best Friend)- it was about how three popular girls at school want a G.B.F. and when the girls find him, they start to take control of him. Also, the boy forgot who his real friends were until he realized who was good and who was bad.


After we ate and watched the movie, we started to moved over into the Youth Room at 7:30pm for group to start! While we were in there for introductions, we said out name, P.G.P (Preferred Gender Pronoun), if we want to we could also say what we feel like that day. The question of the week was “What was the last thing you bought and why?”

When introductions were over, we talked about events that are coming up. And one of the events is the Black and White Ballroom Halloween Extravaganza on Friday October 24, 2014 at 7:00pm-11:00pm.

When the upcoming events was done, we had a guest speaker from the City County Credit Union- her name was Elizabeth Richards. She was here to talk to us about Teens and Money 101. When she was talking, some of the important things she went over was how important it is in life that we have things we need and we also have things that we want. We just have to decide if the items are important or not to buy or wait until later to buy it. She also told us about a saving account and the good things about getting one like to save up for college and get interest while doing it, and the so not good things of getting a saving account is that if you not going to save then you should not get a saving account.

She also told us about having a debit card and having a credit card. And lastly she also told us what a budget is. When Elizabeth was done talking, she asked if we had any questions. Some people had good questions, then when she was finished we all thank her for coming. Then we start to wrap up by letting Todd say “If your needs were not met, come speak to a leader or if you like someone or like someone’s comment and you want to say hi then when we are finished go say hi!”

This blog was written by Dominic (a.k.a. Flawless or Queen D.), an 18 year old member of our Fort Lauderdale Youth Group.

This group meets every Tuesday from 7:00 PM until 9:00 PM.

SunServe Youth Campus

1480 SW 9th Avenue

Fort Lauderdale, FL, 2nd Floor


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