“Step in and Help.”- SunServe Fort Lauderdale Youth Group BLOG!

Its was another eventful night here at the Fort Lauderdale Youth Group. We had our monthly Birthday Party, hosted by Miss Andii, our events coordinator. It was a great way to kick off our night- Especially that five layer chocolate cake that was super yummy. Happy Birthday all my July babies!

After the Birthday Party, we headed over to the Youth Room. To start off our night, Kishi read our group rules and declared the room a safe space. We did our announcements before the question of the week, which was “What are you #done with?” Mostly everybody agreed that the one thing they are done with, is/was Drama. I myself would have to agree with this statement one hundred percent.

After our question of the week, we played The Great Cross and Divide. An icebreaker that shows everybody in the room what it is that you have and don’t have in common with everybody else. How it is played is that you divide the number of people in the room into two even rows on opposite sides of the room (If there is an odd number of people it is ok, the game can still be played just the same.) After that, there will be one person standing on the side. This person then says a statement, for example “I like eating junk food.” Everybody who agrees with the statement will then cross over to the other side of the room. The game can go for as long as you like, or until you run out of things to say.


It was an open discussion this week, meaning that we could talk about anything and everything we wanted. Two of our youth members talked about a Youth Leadership camp they had attended this past weekend. It was about bullying and what you should do if you see somebody getting bullied. It was also about how bullying takes a toll on some people to where they feel they don’t want to be here anymore. A lot of members shared stories about themselves and were able to get some feedback. Bullying is a serious matter and should never be taken lightly. If you see somebody getting bullied, step in and help. Who knows, maybe by just doing that, you could save that person’s life.


This blog was written by Kayla, a 20 year old member of our Fort Lauderdale Youth Group.

This group meets every Tuesday from 7:00 PM until 9:00 PM.

SunServe Youth Campus

1480 SW 9th Avenue

Fort Lauderdale, FL, 2nd Floor


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