“It’s not about dignity, it’s about respect.”- Current Event YOUTH BLOG!

Jim Gaylord was a history teacher at Wilson High School in Tacoma. When a student speculated that his teacher was gay, he reported it to the vice principal. In my opinion, Gay or not, it’s none of your business.

Of course after hearing this, the vice principal confronted Gaylord about his sexual orientation. A few days before Thanksgiving too. Talk about messed up. Thinking that it wouldn’t be an issue, Jim admitted that he was in fact gay. Clearly he was wrong, because just  before Christmas he was fired on the grounds of Homosexuality in the year 1972. What a perfect gift to receive dont you think?

Supreme court gay marriage

Jim stated that he enjoyed his job and filed a lawsuit against the Tacoma school district. The result wasn’t what Jim was expecting. According to the court document, his firing was deemed legitimate because at the time homosexuality was considered “immorality.”

Fastward, to a few weeks ago when the Oasis Youth Center in Tacoma decided to hold its annual fundraising event at a local high school. Seth Kirby, an executive director at the Oasis Youth Center, knew about Gaylord’s story for a long time and he thought he could do something about it for him. So he reached out to the current president of the Tacoma school board, Kurt Miller.


“The anti-discrimination law passed in 2006 in Washington, so it was fairly recent,” said Kirby. “Back then, it was legal to fire staff based on their sexual orientation. “It is now illegal in our state. Forty-two years later, all we can do is to apologize, We want to give him the dignity back.”

42 years?! Oh heck no! How does it take 42 years to apologize for your mistakes? Really, and then its because you want him to get his dignity back? Let me give them some common sense – It’s not about dignity, it’s about respect.


This blog was written by Kayla, a 20 year old member of our Fort Lauderdale Youth Group.

This group meets every Tuesday from 7:00 PM until 9:00 PM.

SunServe Youth Campus

1480 SW 9th Avenue

Fort Lauderdale, FL, 2nd Floor


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