Who can YOU communicate with?- SunServe Youth Group BLOG!

So, we all know who Ellen DeGeneres is right?! Right! Well, she was our question of the week. If you could be her for a whole day and you could have anyone you wanted on your show- besides yourself of course! There was a very large range of people some said rappers, actors, while others said people they were close to or even some said SunServe just because they made some kind of impact in their life. I said Eminem because, well who wouldn’t want him on their show!!!?? But because his words got me through a hard point in my life.

We then went onto our topic of the week. We all have that one, two, or maybe even three people that we can NEVER communicate with because everything you say is wrong or isn’t okay to say. Well, how do you get through it is  the major question. Some say they just shut down, while others talk about it, or even write letters because words are hard for them to get out. How do you communicate?  Is it different between family, friends and who you’re dating? It allowed all of us to open up in a way, to hear different thoughts. Knowing that people do the same thing you do made me personally feel safe in a way. Being able hear feedback from each other in a non judgemental personal way made us feel safe. I know with me the way I communicate with my parents is a lot different from how i communicate with my partner. Sometimes its a lot harder to put the way your feeling into words because you could be too mean, or be to nice and not get your point across, and you don’t like hurting someones feelings so you’d rather keep them inside.

This blog was written by Jessikaa, an 18 year old member of our Fort Lauderdale Youth Group.

This group meets every Tuesday from 7:00 PM until 9:00 PM.

SunServe Youth Campus

1480 SW 9th Avenue

Fort Lauderdale, FL, 2nd Floor



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