Circle of Kindness: Coral Springs Youth Group BLOG!

Circle Of Kindness


 This week I have decided to devote my blog to the activity we participated in. I personally feel that this is an exercise that every group should try because not only does it make everyone light up brighter than the sun, but it can also be beneficial for youth going through a hard time.
So after group was declared a safe place and we finished the Question of the week, we moved on to the
Group Activity. This week we chose to do the “Circle of Kindness”. The way you play this game is quite simple, everyone sits in a circle and writes their name on a sheet of paper. Once you’ve written your name you pass your sheet of paper to the right, and the person who has it has 45 seconds to, write something nice, say something they like about that person, draw a picture, or etc. and then when the 45 seconds are over they pass the sheet of paper to their right. This cycle continues until every person has gotten their paper back. Then once everyone got their paper we gave them a minute to read and process the nice things people had wrote about them, and then we went around the room and had the youth talk about what was on their paper.
The things that people had to say about their fellow youth was very heartwarming, it gave them the confirmation that they were loved, cared for, and adored. This is an amazing game, and it goes a long way. Everyone in that room will forever keep that sheet of paper.

This blog was written by Savannah, a member of our Coral Springs Youth Group.

This group meets every Thursday from 7:00 PM until 9:00 PM.

St. Mary Magdalene Episcopal Church
1400 Riverside Drive, Coral Springs, Florida

We meet in the Preschool Room – Located in the building to the left of the church.


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