Apply for NVEEE’s 3-Day Peace Ambassador Youth Leadership Conference in Miami in July!

SunServe has been granted the opportunity to send TEN of our Youth to this conference… Apply today!

The conference is held July 17-20th at Florida International University and is open to not only students who have been bullied, but to those who want to learn leadership and social skills and become empowered to be upstanders as Peace Ambassadors. This program serves as a catalyst to support peer-led intervention to alter school cultures around bullying. To apply for a scholarship simply apply online at the link below. 



1. Shape future leaders for school communities
2. Teach leadership skills, increase self-esteem, enhance public speaking ability, behavioral management, and personal development
3. Create objectives of the Ambassador program for the 2014-2015 school-year
4. Introduce new members and build friendships with current ambassadors
5. Acknowledge accomplishments of current ambassadors from the past year
6. Teach students how to present NVEEE’s signature & customizable bullying prevention workshops targeted to parents, teachers, students, and social service agencies
7. Teach financial literacy for personal development and college preparedness

Apply online at


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