“It’s okay to be who you are when you’re with us.”- SunServe Coral Springs Youth GROUP BLOG!

After our youth advisor declared group to be a safe place we moved along to the question of the week, and this week it was  “In your opinion what is the hardest part about coming out, and what advice do you have for youth in the closet?

Usually at group with have more light hearted topics, but this is different because questions these allow members to connect on a more personal level, and that’s exactly what it did tonight. As we went around the room you saw everyone’s undivided attention on the person speaking, and as they spoke their fellow youth weren’t just listening, they were comprehending.


It’s truly amazing to be able to witness a room full of people who genuinely care about each other interact in such a manor.  The love and compassion they have when they give advice is out of this world. they speak with experience and wisdom thus causing an unconditional amount of love and support to the people that need it most.

The stories that the youth were sharing were so inspirational, I honestly think that calling it “Inspirational” is almost an insult because it’s such an understatement. They spoke not from their brains, but from their hearts.

It’s discussions like this that bring out the best in people. if one of the members gets a little emotional while they’re speaking, there’s always someone there holding their hand, rubbing there back, or running over to give them a tissue and tell them that it’s alright, that it’s okay to be who you are when you’re with us because the last thing we will do is judge you. If there were more people out in the world like the members in this group the world would be a near perfect place, and I know that sounds a little over the top, but it’s so true. these kids know how to make others see life in a different light, they help people realize through their own personal experiences that it gets SO much better, and as I said before it’s truly amazing, an honor really to be able to witness these true acts of love.

So for the youth who are having troubles coming out or wanting to come out, make sure that you, yourself have come to terms with who you are, and then when the time is right (which you’ll know when that is) just do it.
surround yourself with people who you know won’t judge you, and who will love you no matter what.

To the youth who are “out” and are having any kind of family or other personal issues related to you “coming out” this goes for you too. If you surround yourself with people (like the members of SunServe for example) you form a family unit, and even though you aren’t related by blood you’re related by love and that overpowers ANY thing that blood has to offer.

Small acts of love can go a long way, and tonight myself along with every other person in that room experienced that firsthand.

This blog was written by Savannah, a  member of our Coral Springs Youth Group.

This group meets every Thursday from 7:00 PM until 9:00 PM.

St. Mary Magdalene Episcopal Church
1400 Riverside Drive, Coral Springs, Florida

We meet in the Preschool Room – Located in the building to the left of the church.


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