Corey Nichols’ Inspirational Story- SunServe Current Event Blog!

Corey Nichols was disowned by his family at the age of 15 just for being gay. Corey kept his sexual orientation hidden from his family, afraid of what his conservative parents might do if they knew. I can see why he would, his own father said, and I quote, “If any fag lived in this house, I would shoot them in the head with a shotgun.” Okay, first off, WOW! What friendly words to hear from your own dad, right?! That wasn’t all he told Corey either. He also told him that gay people are sinners and get killed at a certain age. Hmm, I’m 21, at what age should I expect to be killed? Oh right, NEVER.


One night Corey got drunk and caught a fever. Hold on, what is wrong with that picture? What is a 15 year old doing drinking in the first place? Any way just off of that his parents, for some reason, suspected their son was gay. What logic is that? I have officially heard it all. In the next few days, they ignored him and that drew Corey to feel delirious and, sadly, suicidal. Thanks to his friend Aubrey’s mother, Mindy, seeing the message Corey sent to her daughter about wanting to harm himself, Corey was taken out of his house.


In the next few weeks, Mindi and Dale, her husband, nursed Corey back to health when they saw that he was almost blue from pneumonia. Not once in those few weeks did Corey’s parents call to see how he was doing, or even just pass by to see him. Heartless much? When he was better, Corey went home where he confessed to his mom that he was in fact gay. That was when all hell broke loose. Corey ended up running away from home and back to Mindy’s. Her family once again took Corey in, this time permanently.


Weeks later, Mindy and Dale filed a petition to formally adopt Corey. On the day of the court hearing, Corey’s birth family, of course, didn’t show up to contest the adoption. I repeat, HEARTLESS!! Mindi and Dale became Corey’s new adopted family. It is good to see that some people actually care. I hope you love your new home Corey. As for your old family, how does it feel to loose a son?


If you would like to read more, here is the link,


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