SunServe Youth BLOG- Kansas Anti-Gay Bill Update! *GOOD NEWS*

Hello again everybody, I have some amazing news. Last week, the Kansas House of Representatives embarrassed itself by easily passing a bill that aimed to make gay individuals’ ( mainly couples) lives impossible by trying to make it law to not treat them equally. However, I am overly pleased to say that the Republican-led Kansas Senate decided it would not pass. Is that not just great to hear?!
   They support “traditional marriage,” noted Senate President Susan Wagle, ” however, my members also do not condone discrimination.” You tell them Susan. It should have been obvious, but somehow that was lost on the Kansas House. So instead of passing this abomination, the Anti-Gay bill , in all likelihood, will quietly die without hearings or a vote.  As quoted from Adam Liptak’s Timespiece, ” It is becoming increasingly clear to judges that if they rule against same-sex marriage their grandchildren will regard them as bigots,” Andrew M. Koppelman, a law professor at Northwestern, told Liptak. Clearly they do not want to be seen as bigots, wouldn’t you say.
What are YOUR thoughts on this issue?
This post was written by Kayla, 20 years old.

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