“Knowing that we have a safe space is just amazing..” SunServe Youth BLOG!

This past Tuesday at group was amazing as always!  We were in The Rainbow Room before group and had a BLAST. It’s great that we have time before group to really connect and catch up with one another see how the week went or what happened. Just sitting around knowing that we have a safe space is just amazing… Something that we’ve all really and truly loved.


Youth group then came around it’s crazy how high the number is of youth that come to group every single week… You can always come and bring your friends!!! Our amazing Adult Advisor Kishi read all the rules then we started everything off with an ice breaker… everyone’s favorite part. The ice breaker of this week was about testing your memory. We played “Picnic”, you say your name and what you’re bringing and what everyone else says they are bringing. It’s funny to see that most of us end up forgetting what one, two, or six people are bringing. There were some odd things that people said because most people say food or something like that… some said animals, well others said a personality. Everyone got a really great laugh out of it all!

The discussion of the week was about civil rights, and holy cow- you could say this brought out the passion in everyone what they believed and what they didn’t. It showed that people really do have a passion inside of them that drives them. A lot of people said that we don’t have full rights to both of them because there is always something that is blocking from the full right of civil right or even human rights. Some even said that they were the same. Well what’s your thought about it? Leave it at the bottom of the page as a comment. See you on Tuesday!

This blog was written by Jessikaa, 18 years old.


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