“SunServe is, and will always be, our family…” Fort Lauderdale Youth Group Blog!

Last night’s Youth Group here in Fort Lauderdale was awesome! Before it initially started, our Events Coordinator, Miss Andii, hosted a Mardi Gras themed party. There were dozens of beads and delicious food. There was also a to-die-for cake that I wish I had gotten seconds of. To start off the group, our Adult Advisor, Kishi read the group rules. He also did our icebreaker activity- it was a very different icebreaker from what we normally do. We did some stretches and fun exercises that left me feeling relaxed and ready to start group. Our introductions were next. We said our name, age, PGP (preferred gender pronoun) and answered the Question of the Week. Last night’s question was, “If you could make a holiday, what would it be?” There were a lot of interesting holidays said. Some of which I would love to be real. I had gone with National Cosplay Day, mainly because I love anime more than anything… aside from chocolate, of course!

king cake 047
Next, John, our new Youth Group Manager, introduced the main Topic of the Week. The topic question was, “Do you consider the LGBTQA population family?” Everybody shared their opinion and how they felt about it. The one thing that was said multiple times was that SunServe is, and will always be, our family. I loved hearing that because it could not be any truer. SunServe is our home. To wrap up our fun night, Todd, our Adult Advisor and SunServe Father, made a few announcements, including about our Bake Sale. I am looking forward to our bi-weekly bake sale this Sunday here at the Sunshine Cathedral Church. Come and join us if you can. If you cannot make it, try to make it to our Tuesday night Youth Group. We always welcome newcomers with a smile! That’s all I have to say for now… Til’ next group. –Kayla

This blog was written by Kayla, a 20 year old member of our Fort Lauderdale Youth Group.

This group meets every Tuesday at 7:00 PM.

SunServe Youth Campus

1480 SW 9th Avenue

Fort Lauderdale, FL, 2nd Floor


Image credit: Eat What’s On Your Plate. “King Cake 047” Photo. 28 Jan. 2013. 6 Mar. 2014. <http://eatwhatsonyourplatedc.blogspot.com/&gt;


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