Introducing SunServe Parent- Services for Parents!

Whether you think or know that your teen has sexual identity issues – research studies show that how you handle the matter can make a huge difference in your child’s life. There are resources and services here to help!


Studies show that children of parents who reject or refuse to address their child’s sexual-identity issues, are more likely to use drugs, become depressed and even commit suicide. 

Broward County Public School’s Diversity, Cultural Outreach & Prevention (DCO&P) Department is pleased to support the work of SunServe and Leadership Broward Class XXXII. The collaboration between DCO&P, SunServe and Leadership Broward will provide greatly needed help and support to parents who want to discuss sexual-identity issues with their children. has been designed as a centralized resource for Broward County residents.

SunServe Parent provides various educational materials, phone numbers and turn-by-turn directions to the nearest (usually free) counseling or support group. Providing safe and nurturing educational spaces for all Broward County youth is our priority.

If your child is struggling with sexual-identity issues, it can be a confusing time for you and your teen.  Even if you do not fully understand, showing your child that you still love him / her and that you still want to be there to help, can make all the difference. There are resources to help you. Use them, because the statistics show that your LGBT child is at much greater risk for going down a dark path if you insist on rejecting your child’s sexual identity. Learn how to support your child… because, after all, you love them unconditionally.

Acceptance is a four letter word- LOVE.

For more information on SunServe Parent, visit or email Mandi Hawke at!

Sunserve Flyer-BCPS (2)


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