August Youth Birthday Celebration and Cyber-Safety Training!

cybersafety1Last Tuesday was our FABULOUS August Youth Birthday Celebration! It was such an amazing time- as it was our FIRST birthday celebration in The Rainbow Room. The party started at 6 PM and was to be until 7:30 PM, when our Tuesday night Youth Group begins.

The festivities began as soon as the pizza arrived! By 6:15, we had 10 youth in The Rainbow Room- plus our Youth Coordinators, Miss Andii, Edgardo, Richard and William! By the time everyone was done with pizza, the games began when the music got louder and we all started playing Limbo! Limbo went on for about fifteen minutes until we were down to our top two winners! Directly after Limbo, we had our amazing Events Coordinator, Miss Andii, bring out a huge Birthday cake decorated with blue flowers and read “Happy Birthday August Youth!” It was so much fun celebrating everyone’s August Birthday!

After the Birthday Bash, it was time to start the weekly Ft. Lauderdale Tuesday night Youth Group. Group started when the Youth Group Coordinator, William, read the rules and presented the introduction. In our introductions, we state our name, our age, our PGP (Preferred Gender Pronoun) and if you prefer to identify as something cutsie like “potato, lionbear, etc.”, then a question of the week, this weeks was : What is your favorite Social Media outlet?? Most youth said Facebook, the other majority said Instagram. A select few said Twitter and/or Tumblr. This question was geared to get the Youth on the mindset of Cyber Safety.

After the Introduction, William introduced Edgardo, the Youth Outreach Trainer for SunServe’s Youth Department. Edgardo premiered his Cyber Safety Training for the Youth. He started by having Richard, the Youth Department’s Outreach Liason , start off with an icebreaker called cross the divide. In this game, the group is divided into two separate lines and the mediator asks the entire group one question. If that question applies to you, you cross the divide. It’s a fun way to learn new information about those around you. When the icebreaker ended, Edgardo took over and presented his training for the youth. He went over tips for keeping yourself protected and using the web safely. The youth were all very engaged and had many things to say on the topic. Unfortunately, group ran a bit long and we had to cut the presentation short. Hopefully, Edgardo will be able to make his way back to group soon to further educate the youth on Cyber Safety training.

Hope to see you all next week!!


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