Too much Reality? Nevahhhh!

Wow, what an amazing Youth Group we had last night! Yesterday was Tuesday, so that meant it was time for our weekly Tuesday night Youth Group here in Fort Lauderdale. At 7:00 PM, our Youth Group room began to fill up with Youth of all ages! By 7:30 PM, there were about 25 Youth present and our Youth Group Coordinator, William, began to start our group!

One of our Youth, Kayla, welcomed everyone by introducing our Icebreaker activity for the evening: “Touch a Color.” Kayla explained the game by saying that when she picks a color, everyone in the room has to find something of that color and touch it. Fun, right?! We did a few rounds of that, then William introduced himself as well as the services we offer here at SunServe, read our Youth Group rules and officially declared it a safe space!

It was then time for Introductions around the room! Each person had the chance to share their name or nickname, PGP (Preferred Gender Pronoun), age and answered our Question of the Week! The Question of the Week was “If you could be on any Reality Show, which would it be?” We had a ton of different answers to the question- for example, our Youth Events Coordinator, Miss Andii, answered her question by saying “If I were to be on any Reality Show, it would most definitely be The Real Housewives of New Jersey- I would fit right in with all the table flipping, big hair and diva antics!”

After everyone introduced themselves, we had announcements such as our Dinner and a Movie Night next week before Youth Group! The theme for the Dinner and a Movie Night is “Chinese”, meaning we will have lots of Chinese food delivered, many decorations and we will be watching “Mulan”! That is next Tuesday (7/30) from 5:30-7:30 PM in our Rainbow Room Drop-In Center across the hall from our Youth Group room!

After announcements, William presented our Youth Group Topic of the Week! The topic for last night was Bullying. The question presented to everyone was “When was the last time you were bullied or bullied someone else?”  The majority of the room shared their stories and most had a combination of both being bullied and bulling others. Overall, it was very enlightening to hear everyone share their experiences!  Before we knew it, 9:00 PM was here and our Adult Advisor, Karyll, announced that if anyone needed to talk that her and SunServe staff members would be there after group for any questions you may have.

I cannot wait to see what we have in store for next Tuesday’s Youth Group!



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