Life is like a picnic!

Or is it like a box of chocolates? Either way life is great! Yesterday the Supreme Court overruled DOMA and Prop 8! Celebrations happened all over the US.

On Tuesday we only had about 20 people in group. One of them was a new member, which we were very excited about. We closed in the couches to get a little closer and more intimate for such a small group. The ice-breaker for this week was something we had never done before. Say your name, and a thing you’re going to bring to our picnic. Here’s the catch. The thing has to start with the same letter as  your name, and you have to repeat all the people who went before you!

Tod, our adult advisor went first.

“I’m Tod and I’m bringing tylenol.”

Some of the kids laughed and others said they were probably going to need it after trying to remember all the names. In the middle of the round, the door to the youth group opened.

5 people walked in. 4 of them were brand new members! As excited as we were, some groaned because that meant we had to start the game over!

We went around, helping each other and laughing.

Our picnic consisted of: Tylenol, cookies, watermelon, raddishes, jelly, jam, juice, jolly-ranchers, sexy salad, bananas, vanilla, vanilla cupcakes, acoustic music, corn, copy of Precious, and some more odd things. It was definitely not your average picnic.

After we went around and applauded ourselves, the question of the week was who are your LGBTQ Role models?

Some youth said their parents, the staff at SunServe, some fictional characters, and some public media figures. After our topic died down, we moved on to why having positive role models is important.

“It’s someone to show you the right path to take. The person to tell you what’s right and wrong when you are not exactly sure what to do. The person who will be there to hold you up when you fall.”

And then we had youth tell us who their role models were. It was a bit sad, because a few were saying that their role models were people who had left their life. People who had passed on.

They turned it positive, saying that they think of them often, and they were lucky to have them in their lives.

We ended on a positive note talking about the court decision that would be announced the next morning. We were all giddy with excitement. No matter what SCOTUS ruled, we all knew we were on the right side of history.

See you next week!



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