The Most Magical Night of the Year, PROM!


At 5:45 PM people were already showing up to help set up the final details of prom. Some of them were youth, others were adult advisors. We were busy setting up the fresh fruit, sushi, cupcakes, chicken tenders and chocolate fountain; in the other room they were checking fog machines and putting helium in the balloons. Almost no one was dressed yet, and we were running around trying to make every detail perfect. The lights had already been hung up over the courtyard, the food was almost done being set up, and the stage was ready to be danced upon.

Everything was looking perfect. Here are just some of the decorations we had up that night.

PicMonkey Collage decorations

At around 6:30 everything was set up and ready, so those of us who weren’t dressed yet ran upstairs and began putting our makeup on, doing our hair, and perfecting the last details of our outfits. Let me tell you, we all looked stunning!

The restricted sections were taped off with black rope, and the doors opened at 7:15. By then, at least 25 youth were there. Some in tuxedos, others in gowns, some in a mixture of both! They really got creative with their masks though. One youth told me that he made his, it was painted red and gold with silver highlights. Someone wore a Batman mask, and another wore a V for Vendetta mask. They all looked fantastic.

When they walked inside a lot of them went straight to the photo booth; no way were they going to skip out on free (and awesome!) pics! The line was long and it was only 7:20, the photographer had a long night in front of her.

The DJ had already started spinning some sick beats and a few brave youth stepped out onto the dancefloor, they were the first to start dancing.

Once the majority of people arrived and had sated their hunger in the buffet line, they walked in the Enchanted Chapel and began dancing and singing along. Groups started forming and people began pairing up and getting into circles and laughing louder than they had in awhile. Everyone was having a great time, and it wasn’t even 8 PM yet.

Look at some of the delicious food we had!PicMonkey Collage food

A little while after everyone started getting comfortable, Andii, our star performer and emcee graced the stage. She had the mic in hand, and asked us if we were having a great night so far. They all shouted back ‘Yes!’ and she went on to thank our sponsors.

“Thank you so much to those of you who came in early to help set up the last few days, and today as well. Thank you to the SunServe Youth Staff for being patient while this was all put together, and thank you to our sponsors; Whole Foods, DJ Miik, Pride Factory, Pride South Florida, Nova Southeastern University, Joe DiMaggio Children’s hospital, Susie’s Scrumptious Sweets, and the individual donors who helped so much as well. Have fun tonight y’all!”

The crowd roared and cheered for her as she walked off stage and everyone continued dancing. The whole night was filled with great music, great food, great friends, and of course a ton of dancing!

We had four great performances, two by our own Andii Viveros, one by our own Richard Forbes and Co. and one by a good friend and youth group member, Kishi Martin. The performances were absolutely stunning, and all received a loud and long round of applause.

Look at our lovely performers!

PicMonkey Collage performances

Near the end of the night Prom Court was announced. Two youth won first and third place, and I won second. The winners were picked by who raised the most money. The first place winner raised around $81, I raised about $57, and the third place winner raised about $54. We were rewarded with crowns, wands, and rainbow sashes. But not to be outdone by Oprah, Andii took the mic and said,

“As my diva Oprah would say, ‘You get a crown and you get a crown and you get a crown!'” As volunteers threw out paper crowns to the crowd of awaiting teenagers.

The night was ended with a few slow songs and youth trickled out slowly, not wanting to leave. They were handed goodie bags that contained candy, rainbow stickers and bracelets, stick-on body jewelry and more.

PicMonkey Collage dancing

The whole night was a super success, and we would like to thank our sponsors, donors, and volunteers one more time for helping us make it as amazing as it was.

Hope to see you all at group next week~



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