June is pride month!


The stress of Prom is finally over, and group is back to normal. There weren’t many people in group this week, but we still had tons of fun.

We sat down all around the room and talked and had a few snacks before group started. The rules were read as usual, and it was declared a safe space. The question of the week was ‘If you could attend any historical event, LGBTQ related or not, what would it be?’

The youth weren’t prepared for such a hard question. We all have taken history classes, how in the world were we supposed to pick just one event! Was it restricted to just events that happened in the US, or was it worldwide? Could it be an event that hasn’t happened yet but will be historical? (I.E, passing of marriage equality everywhere). While others started thinking, I raised my hand.

“If I had to be at one historical moment, it would definitely have to be the murder of King Tut!” Everyone gave me a look. I briefly explained my fascination with Ancient Egyptian Culture. A few youth slightly nodded their head, and I picked to go left in the circle.

A few youth said they wanted to be there when Martin Luther King Jr. gave his speech, others said they wanted to witness the legalization of marriage all over the world, and if they didn’t, they hoped their children would at least.

One youth said, instead of an actual event, she just wanted to have been alive during the 60s. A lot of youth and advisors agreed, saying they would have gone to WoodStock and would have been a ‘total hippy fighting for peace’.

After that we had little time for open discussion, we talked more about historical events and that June is LGBTQ Pride Month. Saturday we are going to be marching in the Stonewall Parade, and had some youth sign up for it. If you’re interested in going, meet us at 2312 Wilton Dr. at the SunServe Executive Offices. Come dressed in a solid color and we’re gonna have so much fun! See you Saturday, and if not, Tuesday!



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