Do you flip flop on your parents morals?


There is always that one thing you say or do that sends your parents spiraling. Whether it be staying up late on a school night or talking on the phone constantly or not cleaning your room. Let’s face it, we all do things that drive our parents crazy; but we really don’t know why it’s such a big deal to them.

You know how on Wednesday night your parents make you sit down for a homemade meal and talk about your day? Or maybe your parents sit you in front of a T.V to eat. Maybe, just maybe, your guardian doesn’t even know you haven’t eaten dinner yet, and just assumes. These, my friends, are their morals. These are the things that make them tick the way they do. It’s something they hold high standards for.

Now, dinner may not be your parents highest held morals. The question that went around this week was “What morals of your parents do you, or do you not, agree with?” They ensured us it could be a positive or not so positive answer.

“I really don’t agree that my parents think being gay is a sin. They try to take me to church every Sunday and tell me that it’s just a phase.”  A lot of the youth could connect to this answer, but others were a little luckier than that.

“See, my parents are super accepting of me. They don’t care who I love, as long as I’m a good person. My parents make me eat dinner with them every night, unless I’m at work, and they push me to do my best. I think that’s pretty good parenting, ya know?”

Others said silly things like,

“My dad believes in ‘a good Hawaiian shirt is necessary for every occasion, and it’s just not.”

That received a round of laughs from everyone. Some stories were a little negative, and others funny; but at the end of the night we were all assured that SunServe was a safe place for us to be ourselves, and we wouldn’t be judged (even if we didn’t make our bed that morning!).



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