Dreams, fears, and living the life you want.

you__ll_never_be_alone_by_btdubbs15 kids walked into Tuesday night group, filling the grey couches all huddled close together. A chatty bunch this week, but they quieted down once group actually started. As every week, we started with the question of the week. Our youth facilitator Richard began. “Say your name, age, and your preferred gender pronoun if you desire to. The question this week is ‘If you could date anyone of the opposite gender/sexuality who would it be?'” Hands shot up in the air.

“I would so date Justin Bieber.” One boy said, and many other guys agreed. The girls in the room giggled or showed signs of disinterest. A girl raised her hand and retorted

“Well I would date the prettiest girl in my school, if I was a guy of course, since she’s straight.” A few people laughed, but mostly no one could think of who they would date.

The topic changed, thanks to one of our older youth group members.

“Okay, well what’s something you’ve always wanted to do but never did? I always wanted to dress in drag, but I’ve never had the courage to do it.”

“I want to overcome my fear of heights so I can go on roller-coasters with my friends.” One youth confessed. Surprisingly, many youth agreed with her statement. The fear of heights was common amongst us that night.

Since so many people had agreed with the first fear, the topic was slightly changed again, thanks to a new youth group member who asked,

“What is one of your fears? I’m really afraid of being alone, like, growing up alone with no one beside me.”

The small lump in your throat you get when you want to cry crept up in all of us, knowing we’ve all felt that way at one point.

The end of group was nearing, so our Adult Facilitator Todd pitched in.
“When you’re here at SunServe, you’re never alone. You have each and every one of us at your side.”

Everyone clapped and they hugged when group was over.

See, that’s the whole point of SunServe. We’re a family and we’re always here for each other. Whether you want to share your good news or bad news, we’re here for you for anything and everything you need.

Come hang out with us and talk to us, you won’t regret it!



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