Happy, happy, happy!


Let’s focus on the positive shall we!  What was the best moment of your week? Was it when you ate that really great cookie yesterday? Or when you went to a poetry gala and met your favorite author? How about when you went to MegaCon? Pretty great things going on lately! Those are just some of the things our awesome youth did this past week. We decided that the topic would focus on the positive in everyone’s life.

“Today was the best day because well, I’m here in group! I’m with my friends and the people I love.”

“I’m alive, I’m healthy, I’m here, that makes for the best week ever.”

It’s time to take a step back and look at the little things in life. That beautiful butterfly that just floated by, the stranger that smiled at you on the bus. The A+ you got on a project, the moment of ‘me time’ you had last night. The little things that make your life easier and less stressful.

“When we focus on the positive things in our life, it makes us happier and healthier people. We see things in a different light and are more clear-headed about the decisions we make.”

“Amen to that sister!”

And to top off all the positive energy in the room, we had a farewell party for someone who has been with us for 4+ years.

“We know it’s gonna be hard leaving Florida, but North Carolina has new adventures awaiting you! It’s gonna be great for you.”

Ice cream cake was served, and memories were shared.

Tell us a time during the week that you stopped and looked at the little positive things in your life.




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