The stigma in our lives and how it effects us.

Tuesday night was filled with condoms, HIV/AIDS Awareness, and Ad campaigns. Don’t be confused, we had guest speakers from The Pride Center come to talk to us about the stigma of HIV/AIDS! They had an activity for us to do- mark on a scale of 1-5 how effective you think these ads are. Some of the ads were:



aids picture

Some of the ads got harsh responses such as:

“Numbers speak louder than a  black couple, or two gay men”, and

” I just find this plain ridiculous, the American population needs to stop stereotyping and stop the hate. HIV is not a gay disease, it’s a murderer and it doesn’t discriminate. They can’t say that using a condom will automatically save your life, some people have no choice- they’re raped or they’re born HIV positive. The people who write these ads need to think about that.”

Which is exactly why The Pride Center was here to get our feedback on the ads. They are trying to incorporate youth friendly ads that will get us thinking.

“You need to know that there is a danger out there, and you need to protect yourself as much as possible.”

The conversation about these ads lasted all of youth group, and the presenters were very enthusiastic about taking notes and making sure our voices were heard.

If you have questions or comments about HIV/AIDS or the ads you see in the media, let someone know. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Here are some numbers of places you can call

Sunserve- (954)-764-5150

The Pride Center- (954) 463-9005

The Pride Center has a HIV testing site too!

AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF)-  (323) 860-5200

AHF also has a FREE walk in clinic located in Wilton Manors and Fort Lauderdale. Check out this website for details

Stay safe, and use a condom!



2 responses to “The stigma in our lives and how it effects us.

  1. Aside from just the aspect of pinning HIV on gays, I also would find it slightly offensive to only equate HIV with an absolute death sentence, and making one think that if they become infected with HIV, they’ll only have death to consider as an option.

    Data from 2010 shows ~40k deaths from lymphoma in one year with a probably of death being 1.6% if you were diagnosed with lymphoma. However, AIDS death (reported0) were ~22k.

    I think the ads should absolutely encourage or help awareness around safe sex, but should also be mindful not to scare people into fearing getting tested.

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