Have you ever felt incompetent?

“Last Tuesday night yeah we danced on tabletops, think we kissed but I forgot …” Oh wait this isn’t Katy Perry and we definitely didn’t have THAT much fun in group! As always group started at 7:30, and the room was filled with about 25 or 30 of us. We went over the rules and declared the youth room a safe space. The question of the week was “What makes you feel incompetent?” A deep question. We racked our brains. A youth raised his hand so he could answer first.

“Seeing hot guys makes me feel incompetent.” Nods and ‘mhmms’ followed. He chose which way to send the question around the room, and we continued on.


“Science, and hot girls.”

“People who can sing.”

“Everyone and everything.”

“New situations.”

Each answer had a round of agreements that went with it. By the time we had all gone, each of us had shown a little bit more of ourselves than we realized.

The next question that came was “How do I deal with stress?”

Everyone jumped on this question, very willing to share their advice with the group. Some common answers were


“Write it out!”

“Breathe and relax.”

Everyone got something out of Tuesday night, and we left knowing we had a safe place and good people to go to.


If you need to talk to someone, let us know! We’re more than happy to help.



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