Let’s get fancy with The Developmental Model and Len Leritz!

This past Tuesday in group we went a little further than how our day was and what we ate for lunch. We had a guest speaker, Len Leritz, who specializes in The Developmental Model. Which basically explains how people become who they are. He’s 69 years old, and still rockin’ out. We started out group with the question “Who brought you down today? Who brought you up?”

One girl said, “Well not just today, but all week-long my girlfriend has been bringing me up when my family brings me down.”

‘oohs’ and ‘awws’ followed, and the next person to speak left us with even bigger smiles on our faces.

“Well my dad told me he was going to stop yelling at me so much, especially when he’s the one who’s late.”

After the question went around the room, Len proceeded with his presentation. He introduced us to the Script Model which states that children as young as when you’re first-born build a story in their minds (unconsciously) based on what they see around them. He also taught us that we act different ages every day. When someone brings us down, mentally and sometimes even physically we can act as a five year-old does. On the other hand, if someone brings us up, we may act older and feel more mature.

A few of the youth were very interested in what he had to say, asking him questions such as

“If some people don’t mentally develop past 13, how do they get jobs? How can they even function?” He was patient with us, asking us questions while he answered ours. Then he paired us off and told us to sit face-to-face with our partner.

“I want you to raise your right hand and place it against your partner’s. Now push as if your life depended on it.” As we did this exercise, we giggled and pushed and laughed and ultimately someone lost, or someone won.

“Now while you were doing this activity, did you push more, or let go? What were you thinking while you were doing it? How did you feel?” These questions seemed innocent enough, but many youth found that they were deeper than they seemed.

“It really showed me that I’m more keen to letting people open up to me than I am to opening up to them. I’ll comfort, but I won’t be comforted.” Everyone left that night with a little more knowledge and a good feeling in their hearts.

If you’re interested in Len and what he does, let us know and we’ll get in contact with him for you. Here’s a picture of him!

len leritz He’s such a cutie!

Have a great day and we’ll be seeing you next Tuesday!



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