What does race mean to you?

RaceLast Tuesday night things got a little heated in the youth group room. The words “What does race mean to you?” came out of our facilitators mouth and the room fell silent.

“Well to me race means a competition between two people to see who wins,”

The room erupted in laughter. Other responses were a little more involved, saying:

“Race is just a box I check,” and, “It’s a way for the government to segregate us!” Then one surprising answer came out that no one was expecting.

“Race means a lot to me, it lets me know I’m unique and that God made us all different.”  We had Iphones out and ready to literally define the word ‘race’ just so some people could say, it doesn’t really exist. The discussion lasted the whole hour and half, and then some. We learned a few more things about our friends and really got to get our voices heard. So now we want to know,

What does race mean to you?


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